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5 Companies Leading the Way with Immersive Shopping

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

The immersive shopping market is expected to experience significant growth. According to a report from Grand View Research, the global market for immersive shopping is set to reach $3.37 billion by 2028.

In a world where consumers constantly seek new and exciting ways to shop, innovative companies leverage immersive shopping experiences to captivate their audiences. These companies are at the forefront of redefining the retail landscape by creating engaging and interactive environments that blur the lines between physical and digital shopping.

This blog will explore five companies leading the way with immersive shopping.

TEZDA - Crafting Immersive Shopping Experiences
TEZDA - Crafting Immersive Shopping Experiences

TEZDA is revolutionizing the way we shop online with its virtual shopping platform. This innovative platform offers an immersive shopping experience that is unlike anything else. It allows customers to virtually browse through products, explore different styles, and even get a feel for how a product will fit in their space.

The platform works by using 3D models and augmented reality to provide an accurate representation of the product. Customers can fully customize the product, view it from all angles, and envision it in their space. TEZDA's platform also provides customers with detailed information about the product, such as product dimensions, features, etc.

TEZDA's platform is revolutionary because it eliminates customers needing to shop at a store physically. Instead, customers can easily shop from the comfort of their own home. The platform also provides customers with a more immersive experience, as they can explore the product from all angles and better understand how it will fit in their space.

 Apt2B - Transforming Home Furnishings Shopping
Apt2B - Transforming Home Furnishings Shopping

Apt2B is a leading furniture retailer that is revolutionizing the furniture shopping experience. Their virtual showroom offers an immersive shopping experience that is unlike traditional shopping. Apt2B's virtual showroom allows customers to browse furniture in 3D to understand better how their space will look with the chosen furniture. Customers can also customize their furniture to their exact specifications and deliver it to their door.

Apt2B's virtual showroom is also interactive. Apt2B provides a platform where customers can seek guidance and obtain responses from their in-house design specialists. They can also view a 360-degree tour of their furniture before they make a purchase. This allows customers to ensure they get the exact piece of furniture they want.


HipVan is a Singapore-based e-commerce company leading the way with immersive shopping. The company provides a virtual 3D platform for customers to interact with products. This is a far cry from traditional shopping, where customers are limited to browsing products online or in-store.

HipVan’s 3D platform offers an immersive shopping experience that allows customers to explore products in detail and interact with them as if they were in a physical store. The platform also allows customers to customize products to their preferences, giving them a unique shopping experience.

The company also offers a variety of features, such as virtual interior design, allowing customers to visualize how furniture or other products would look in their homes. Using the platform, customers can create a shopping list and compare products.

HipVan’s 3D platform is a revolutionary way to shop online, setting the standard for immersive shopping experiences. The company’s platform is an excellent example of how technology can create a more engaging and personal shopping experience.


Tangiblee is revolutionizing the way we shop with its virtual reality platform. Using cutting-edge technology, Tangiblee allows shoppers to experience a fully immersive shopping experience. With Tangiblee, shoppers can browse and shop for various products and services in a virtual world. The platform provides various features, including 3D product visualization, product comparison, and virtual demonstrations.

Tangiblee's virtual reality platform creates a virtual environment tailored to users' interests. When users enter the virtual space, they are presented with a 3D product catalog that includes products from various vendors. The user can then interact with the products by manipulating them, viewing them from different angles, and comparing them to other products. Additionally, the user can watch product demonstrations and ask questions to the vendors.

With features like zooming, rotating, and examining products from every angle, customers can make more informed online shopping choices. Tangiblee's innovative approach has boosted sales for its clients and raised the bar for immersive e-commerce experiences.

Obsess - Shaping the Future of Virtual Retail
Obsess - Shaping the Future of Virtual Retail

Obsess is pushing the boundaries of immersive shopping, focusing on creating virtual retail environments. This company builds virtual stores and showrooms, allowing customers to explore products in a 3D space. Through their VR and AR technologies, Obsess brings a sense of presence to online shopping, making customers feel physically present in a store. By offering a sensory-rich experience, Obsess is changing the way we shop online.

Obsess's augmented reality platform works by using a 3D camera to capture the customer's body measurements and then using those measurements to generate a 3D model of the customer. This 3D model is then used to virtually try on items from Obsess's catalog. Customers can see how items look on them from all angles and try on multiple items simultaneously.

Obsess’s augmented reality platform offers an immersive shopping experience unlike any other. Customers can virtually try on items from the comfort of their homes and get an accurate representation of how they will look on them. This eliminates the need for customers to try on items in a store physically and can save them time and money.

The Future of Shopping is Immersive

While all the companies mentioned here are making remarkable strides in immersive shopping, TEZDA stands out for its exceptional use of AR and VR technologies to create captivating and memorable in-store experiences. TEZDA's approach to immersive shopping sets a high standard for the industry, demonstrating how technology can be harnessed to engage customers in entirely new ways.

As immersive shopping continues to evolve, we can expect more companies to follow in TEZDA's footsteps and explore creative ways to captivate and delight their customers. This shift in retail promises to create more engaging, informed, and satisfying shopping experiences, ultimately reshaping the future of retail as we know it.



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