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10 Ecommerce Case Studies [+Expert Tips] in 2024

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Keeping up with the latest trends is crucial for businesses that want to succeed. This article covers 9 impressive case studies, highlighting creative strategies and expert advice that have helped online stores achieve great success. From exciting product launches to clever lead generation techniques, these real-world examples provide ideas and practical tips for ecommerce entrepreneurs looking to attract customers, increase sales, and ensure growth.

1. OddBalls: Boosting Sales and Enhancing Product Launches

odd balls

OddBalls, a vibrant clothing brand known for its colorful underwear and accessories, faced the challenge of improving sales and maximizing engagement with new product launches. By implementing onsite notifications, they were able to:

  • Engage a staggering 35,000 visitors across two campaigns

  • Generate an impressive £50,000 in revenue from a single campaign

  • Collect a remarkable 693 email addresses, a whopping 4.5 times more than their social media efforts

Dan Mitchell, Ecommerce Manager at OddBalls, commended the impact of onsite notifications, stating, "Onsite notifications were a significant driver in revenue for the launch of our new product range, and we will be making use of them for future campaigns and product launches."

2. Black Ember: Driving Traffic to New Products

black ember

Black Ember, a brand specializing in innovative urban packs, sought to boost awareness of their new products without sacrificing valuable homepage real estate. Their solution? Onsite notifications. By employing this non-intrusive approach, they achieved:

  • 4,019 customers visiting pages featuring new products

  • 4,296 customers exposed to their free shipping promotion in just 14 days

  • An impressive 29.4% click-through rate, the highest achieved through onsite notifications

As Black Ember attested, "Our first priority is to provide our community with a positive, engaging, and easy-to-use UX. We have found onsite notifications to perfectly complement the design and functionality of our website."

3. Charlotte Bio: A Six-Hour Flash Sale Sensation


Charlotte Bio, a cosmetics brand offering organic and cruelty-free products, rarely hosts sales due to their affordable pricing. However, when they decided to clear some inventory with a flash sale, they employed a strategic approach that yielded remarkable results:

  • Two campaigns promoting the flash sale: a popup and a bar

  • 17% of their monthly revenue generated within just six hours of the sale

  • A staggering 6 times more revenue than a typical day

Marilou Bertrand, Director of Digital Marketing at Charlotte Bio, highlighted the importance of the countdown bar, stating, "We added the bar with the countdown to reinforce the sense of urgency for those who did not apply the code in the popup, which was key to success."

4. The Knitting Network: Engaging Customers with Regular Deals

the kniting network

The Knitting Network, a successful ecommerce retailer in the arts and crafts niche, recognized the power of onsite notifications as a channel to drive shoppers to product and collection pages. By employing this strategy, they achieved:

  • An impressive 26% average open rate for their campaigns

  • 748 new shoppers visiting product pages in just three days

  • A remarkable 2 times higher website engagement from visitors who opened notifications

Steve Hollis, the brand's representative, shared their motivation, stating, "Our notifications focus on promoting deals, increasing average order value, communicating product launches, and sharing any important news. By targeting these specific areas, we've been able to cater to our customers' interests while simultaneously driving business growth."

5. Asphalte: Co-creating Clothing with Customer Feedback


Asphalte, a fashion brand that manufactures only the items their customers choose, recognizes the importance of continuous feedback. To facilitate this, they have implemented creative strategies, including:

  • Product giveaways

  • Customer surveys with signup forms

  • Achieving an impressive 25% click-through rate on survey popups

Benjamin Mateo, Head of Growth and Tech at Asphalte, emphasized the significance of customer education, stating, "We realized that customer lifetime value was higher after a customer has learned about our mission and how we work."

6. Faguo: Generating Leads with Giveaways and Wheel Popups


Faguo, a fashion and accessories brand, faced the challenge of slow lead generation and high costs associated with their previous popup software. By implementing Wisepops' wheel popups and giveaway campaigns, they experienced a remarkable transformation:

  • Generating over 5,000 leads on average per month

  • Achieving a 15% click-through rate on lead generation popups

  • Reducing lead generation costs by 4 times while increasing efficiency by 11 times

Martin Charousset, Head of Ecommerce at Faguo, shared his delight, stating, "Wisepops only

costs us €1,000 annually. In addition, the performance is outstanding: In December 2020, we collected 8,200 emails with Wisepops, compared to just 700 emails with our previous software in December 2018. Basically, four times cheaper and 11 times more efficient!"

7. Nurturing Leads for Future Sales


For, a significant percentage of first-time visitors (around 98%) typically leave without making a purchase. To address this challenge, they sought a method to capture email addresses and nurture potential leads. Their solution involved:

  • Using personalized email popups to convert visitors on product pages and blog posts

  • Generating an average of 1,000 new leads every month

  • Achieving a remarkable 300% growth in their email list within a year

Amitai Sasson, VP of Ecommerce at, emphasized the importance of this strategy, stating, "We needed a tool to entice customers to leave their emails so we can at least achieve a 'mini' conversion and speak conversation until they make an ultimate decision to buy."

8. Soi Paris: An Engaging Easter Egg Hunt Campaign

soi paris

Soi Paris, a fashion and accessories brand, sought to maximize engagement during the Easter season. Their solution? An egg hunt on their website! By hiding discounts in egg-shaped ecommerce popups on product pages, they achieved:

  • A conversion rate of 2.6%

  • 233 redeemed discount codes

  • Generating 42% of their monthly revenue (month-to-date) within three days

Elodie Trebuchet, Director of Digital Marketing at Soi Paris, expressed satisfaction with the campaign's results, stating, "We are really satisfied with the results of this campaign, it exceeded our expectations. In three days, it helped generate 42% of our revenue (month-to-date) with a nice average order value. We also received a lot of positive feedback from our customers. They really enjoyed our egg hunt!"

9. Blume: Converting Mobile Visitors and Building SMS Lists


Blume, a self-care brand, recognized the importance of converting mobile visitors and building an engaged SMS list. To achieve their goals, they implemented:

  • Mobile-optimized campaigns with first-time customer offers

  • Visitor segmentation options to target campaigns exclusively for new mobile customers

  • Achieving a higher-than-average 5% popup conversion rate on mobile devices

By employing these tactics, Blume not only built an engaged SMS list but also increased conversions and awareness of their special deals among mobile visitors.

In conclusion, these 9 ecommerce case studies and expert insights provide a wealth of inspiration and actionable strategies for businesses seeking to drive growth, engage customers, and achieve long-term success in the ever-evolving world of ecommerce.

Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, these real-world examples demonstrate the power of innovation, creativity, and a customer-centric approach. Embrace these insights, experiment with new tactics, and stay committed to delivering exceptional experiences – the key to unlocking sustainable ecommerce growth.



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