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The Necessity of Incorporating the In-Store Experience Online

In store experience

The transition to digital retail, however, has proceeded at an alarming pace and made it necessary for traditional physical store retailers to measure their performance metrics across both the physical and digital retail environment. E-commerce is expected to triple by 2028 instead of its size in 2018. In the meantime, physical stores beat online platforms in many performance criteria. This gap emphasizes the different components of in-store selling and underlines the need for digitalized reproduction of those attributes on the part of online stores.

Understanding the Appeal of In-Store Shopping

To enhance the online shopping experience, it is crucial to first comprehend why consumers are drawn towards physical stores.

The preference for in-store shopping can be attributed to three primary factors:

1. The Tactile Element: Shoppers tend to prefer the tangible interaction with products that in-store shopping offers.

2.Authentic Shopping Experience: Consumers often seek authenticity in their shopping experience, which is commonly found in physical retail settings.

3.Immediate Assistance: Frustration arises among online shoppers due to the absence of instant support and answers on digital platforms.

Bridging the Gap: The Power of Video Technology in Enhancing Online Shopping

As a result of this, online retailers must do their best to virtually recreate the in-store shopping experience. A case in point is the implementation of video technology as a part of the online platforms. Video technology can help to bridge the gap between touch and reality and create authenticity and immediacy, leading to an enriched experience in digital shopping.

Video as a Tactile Bridge

Video commerce has changed the dynamics of retail by offering the best blend of interactive and entertaining branding to consumers. With videos, retailers build a sense of trust and authenticity in the same manner they do in the presence of an in-store assistant. Customers add an item to their cart more easily after seeing it in a video. Therefore, it is possible to conceptualize video as a tool that supplements the missing tactile experience.

Cultivating Authenticity Through Video

1:1 video chat in video commerce allows customers to interact in real-time with store associates, replicating the personalized in-store shopping experience. Through this technology, customers can receive tailored recommendations and address concerns directly, enhancing the authenticity of the online shopping experience.

Providing Immediate Responses via Interactive Video

Phygital strategies, such as digital showrooms and interactive displays, allow customers to virtually try on products and make informed purchase decisions. Digital showrooms enable customers to explore products from various perspectives and access detailed information, providing immediate assistance to in-store experiences.

Transforming E-commerce with Tezda


Aiming to optimize the online shopping journey, Tezda is the brand that is taking the lead by providing the necessary tools to create interactive and engaging digital experiences. With a focus on enhancing the overall customer experience, Tezda aims to revolutionize the way people shop online. By offering innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology, Tezda ensures that customers have a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience from start to finish. With their commitment to excellence and dedication to customer satisfaction, Tezda is revolutionizing online shopping.

The Future of Retail: Merging Digital and Physical Interfaces

The retail landscape is gradually evolving towards a blend of digital and physical interfaces. The successful online experience of the future will necessitate the integration of in-store associates into the digital world through videos and showrooms. Tezda's platform is ideally positioned to facilitate this transition, bridging the gap between the physical and digital retail spaces.


In conclusion, strategic partnerships with organizations such as Tezda will play a critical role in the change process. The partnership with Tezda will facilitate this process, where the brands and retailers can remake the in-store experience digitally in a more simple way.

The partnership will take the complexity out of the process, streamlining it to an easy-to-follow sequence, thus enabling the creation of digital experiences that resonate with consumers as users make every step on their way to achieving an engaging online presence.

While the retailing environment is definitely going through a serious evolution, it will be the brands that adapt to that digital landscape with the right partners who will keep their place in the competitive market environment of the future



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