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How Video Shopping And Interactivity Are Being Used By Luxury Brands

Video Shopping

The Emergence of Video Shopping and Interactivity in Luxury Brands. The landscape of online retail is undergoing a significant transformation, particularly in the realm of luxury brands. They are exploring innovative ways to engage customers, and video shopping is a trend that stands out. By offering a real-time and immersive shopping experience, luxury brands can create a unique path for their customers.

An Introduction to Video Shopping

Video shopping has recently witnessed a surge in popularity. According to a 2021 Wyzowl report, brands' use of video content has escalated by approximately 25% over the past six years. Live shopping and shoppable video are two formats of video shopping that aim to engage customers and inspire them to make purchases.

Live Shopping

This format of video shopping has seen a remarkable rise, particularly in China, where sales are projected to reach an impressive 4.9 trillion Yuan this year. The primary goal of live shopping is to interact with the brand's audience in ways that have never been seen before in e-commerce. Brands showcase their products and functionalities in real-time, answering any queries from the audience.

Shoppable Video

This format of video shopping is gaining recognition across various industries. By encouraging users to interact with video content, brands can engage their audience in an innovative manner. Platforms specializing in interactive video, such as tezda, simplify the process for brands willing to venture into this new era of video shopping.

The Rise of Video Interactivity

Brands are gradually realizing the substantial impact interactive video has on conversion rates. They are seeking to integrate this technology into their digital strategies.

Interactive Video

Interactive videos are an incredible way to educate consumers and allow them to discover more about a brand's products and services. Customers can explore and learn more about offerings by opening information pop-ups or being redirected to relevant pages.

Branching Video

Branching video is a new format in the sector. It allows the creation of different journeys based on options, giving the user full control to choose their path to discover new products, looks, services, etc.

Luxury Brands and Live Shopping

Luxury brands are leveraging the live shopping format to provide a high-end experience to their customers. The beauty of live shopping is that it can be produced with both high and low budgets, and it doesn't necessarily mean low-quality production for low-cost brands.

Use Case: Bloomingdale's x GUCCI

Video Shopping

Bloomingdale's x GUCCI hosted a live shopping event with a makeup artist, recorded through a phone and a tripod. The results were highly successful, demonstrating the potential of live shopping.

Luxury Brands and Shoppable Video

Luxury brands have recognized the importance of video shopping formats in increasing brand awareness. They are now offering their audience innovative ways to engage with their content and shop as well.

Use Case: Swarovski

Video Shopping

High-end brands like Swarovski are leveraging video shopping to enhance their customer experience on-site. They turned their latest Metamorphosis campaign video into a shoppable experience, achieving impressive results in engagement and conversion rates.

Luxury Brands and Interactive Video

Luxury brands use interactive video platforms to share more details about their special garments.

Use Case: Valentino Haute Couture Runway Show 2022

Valentino used an interactive video platform to share details about their Haute Couture Runway Show 2022. Users were able to click on the looks and see the designer as well as other specific details behind them.

Luxury Brands and Branching Video

Interactive video platforms are continually evolving and looking for what's next in video shopping. Branching video is a great use case that allows brands to let their audience choose their journey throughout the video.

Use Case: Styling Branching Video

Creating a branching video about styling could be an amazing way to engage with your audience. This interactive content could be mixed with video shopping formats such as shoppable videos, allowing the audience to choose their style and purchase these products throughout.


In conclusion, video shopping formats such as live shopping and shoppable video can be highly beneficial for luxury brands as they increase site conversion and boost engagement. Additionally, interactive video platforms allow you to create exploratory pieces of content such as interactive or branching videos. These formats can highly impact the customer experience and result in purchases later in a customer's journey.

How Tezda Can Help you in Video Shopping And Interactivity

Tezda is here to revolutionize the shopping experience by integrating video commerce and instant messaging, focused group interactions, and dynamic video sharing into the heart of online commerce. Our platform offers a engaging, and personalized shopping journey. With Tezda, brands can form focused groups, communicate in real-time, and share their stories through compelling video content. Make your shopping experience not just a marketplace, but a vibrant space where users connect and share. Be a part of this revolution with Tezda. Join us today!



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